Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Visit from Aunt Lori!

We were so excited to have Aunt Lori in Dallas for a visit this weekend! She hadn't met Harper until now, and it looks like they are going to be fast friends. I don't have any photos, but will try to post one soon. We had so much fun hanging out with Aunt Lori and really appreciated her help with the Arbonne parties - great turnout and lots of fun!

Can't wait for Harper to meet the rest of the Luceros at Christmas! We love you Aunt Lori!

Pool Time

I promise to do some posting of all the things I've neglected to post in the past few months! For now, here's a photo of Harper playing in her new pool this weekend. She's a big fan. Of course, I slathered her in sunscreen but forgot to put it on myself, so I've been dealing with a burned back. Further proof that the mommy mush has invaded - and now completely taken over - my brain.
That's a monkey on her suit...fitting for my little monkey!

On another note, we're so glad that our buddy Bailey Jack Beck got to come home from the hospital yesterday. He was apparently a SUPER STAR patient and is recovering from his heart surgery so well, that they released him yesterday. So many people have been praying for this sweet little boy and his parents - God is good!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello out there?!

Hello! We're back and ready to blog. I have no real excuse for our little blogging hiatus except, well, we've been busy! We've taken a few trips, eaten lots of new foods (Harper, not me. I'm sticking with my old standbys...sweets and Mexican food...obviously...), taken Harper for her first swim, gotten baptized, had a visit from Nana & Papa, and lots of other fun stuff. I'll post about all of these uber-exciting activities later today, but thought I'd leave you with this little jewel of a photo. It's Miss Harper in her new swim getup, sunbathing on her Daddy's lap over Memorial Day. It just makes me grin from ear to ear. As only my little Stinkerbell can do.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Caroline's Birthday!

This one is a little late (surprise!) but we went to our bestest bud Caroline Stewart's birthday party on February 22nd. She is such a big girl and got to eat cake! Harper was eyeing it. I sincerely hope she doesn't get my sweet tooth. In case you aren't familiar with the extent of my love of sweets, the cute little girl scout in our neighborhood delivered our cookies Saturday and two boxes are already gone. Lemon cremes and Dulce de Leche. I'm saving the Tagalongs, since I gave up chocolate for Lent. So far, so good.

Back to the original topic...Caroline's b'day. Caroline's Mommy did a great job planning the party. We had sundaes and cookies and all sorts of other sweet treats (yay!) and it was lots of fun. Here are a few photos...
The birthday girl enjoying her cake. We admire the way she just dove right in.
Harper with Mysti and Caroline. I think maybe she learned how to make that face from Mysti...

Harper with Mysti and Kasey. I promise I was there! I didn't just drop my child off and head to the mall!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Christopher!

Tuesday is Uncle Christopher's birthday (26!) so Harper wanted to send a special message. Actually, she wanted to eat the special message, which was funny until I noticed she had purple permanent marker all over her mouth. I don't think the green baby books advocate this kind of behavior, but you gotta live a little. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We love you!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


PawPaw came to visit Harper this past Saturday. We had lots of fun playing and hope he comes to visit again very soon!
I'm wondering when the fascination with the tongue is going to end??

A few more firsts

Harper has experienced a few more "firsts" in the last few weeks. Super Bowl, Farmer's Market, first birthday party (not ours, Sophie's). In addition to the fun stuff, we've also had our first ear infections (plural. both ears at once.) and first major diaper rash. I'll spare you the sight of that. Harper is feeling a lot better, though. We're working on rolling over and sitting up...neither of which we've accomplished just yet. No rush. Mommy doesn't want these things to happen too quickly!

Harper with Caroline and Aunt Mysti at the Colvins Super Bowl Party. This is right before Caroline gave Harper a few little "love pats" on the head. She didn't want to share her Mommy!Harper taking in the sights at the Farmers Market. She helped Daddy pick out some pretty pansies for our front yard.

Harper all dressed up before Sophie's birthday party. There were lots of big kids there and they even had a bounce house. Harper was mesmerized. Please note the rare occasion when I can get her to smile for the camera. She is usually all smiles until I point the camera at her. We are working on knowing when to ham it up.